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    My record locator is not working. How can I see my flight info?

    Record locators are not the same as flight numbers. The record locator showing on your account might actually be a group booking record locator. These are created several months in advance when we source flights for our trips so they may not be assigned to specific flights yet. 

    Important Information about Group Record Locators:

    Since we source flights as group bookings, often times when one person who is assigned to that specific locator checks in, it will check-in everyone else on that locator. You're all set! When you arrive at the airport (At least 3 hours before your flight) all you need to do is check-in at one of the Kiosks or with an agent at the airlines check-In desk.

    You will still need to print out your boarding pass at the airport in most cases. Even if you check-in ahead of time, proceed to the Kiosk or Check-In desk to get your boarding pass!

    On most airline websites all you need to look up your flight information is your full legal name and date of birth. We will provide your specific flight information within 2-3 weeks of your flight. However, you will know the dates and airport for your flight months in advance.

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